Sep 21 2008

Which Videogame Console? (part 1)

zorro @ 12:31 am

Another round of price drops and SKU reshuffles and the Big 3 take their places for your christmas present dollar. Microsoft dropped the price of the 360, making their online-favourite cheaper than the Wii. Nintendo continues to attract ‘non-gamers’ with the lure of good, clean fun. Sony is going for the media-centre jugular with a massive 160Gb hard drive, Blu-Ray and wireless, all the while beavering away on their great, white, online hope – Home.

So which one should you get? As usual it depends…

The old lure of first-party properties, games developed by the hardware manufacturers, is practically gone. Bungie’s departure has not yet been felt because they remain MS-exclusive but Square-Enix’s recent defection to the 360 was more keenly felt by Sony, as the Final Fantasy series had been a Playstation flagship. Nintendo remain the strongest in this area, with the fan-favourite trinity – Mario, Zelda and Metroid – still exclusive. Ironically, Nintendo is also the least dependent on them.

The Breakdown

X-Box 36o

Released: 2006

Manufacturer: Microsoft

If you like your videogames straight-up and want the best online multi-player experience, then the 360 is hard to go past.

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Released: 2006 / 2007

Manufacturer: Nintendo

If you have kids and want to play as a family or you love playing party games with friends, then the Wii is great value and looks set for a bright future. It’s not a console that will dominate your free time but when you do turn it on, you’ll have fun.

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Playstation 3

Released: 2007

Manufacturer: Sony

Blu-Ray is a step-up from DVD and the PS3’s broad range of quality game types, from party to indie, satisfies all but the ex-PC elite. As a home entertainment system and internet-enabled games console, the PS3 is an expensive but solid option.

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