Jun 25 2008

Sinclair ZX-81

Jeremy @ 11:39 pm
  • CPU: Zilog Z80
  • SPEED: 3.25 MHz
  • Sinclair ZX-81
  • ROM: 8 KB
  • RAM: 1 KB (901 bytes available, up to 64 KB)
  • TEXT Modes: 32 x 22
  • GRAPHIC Modes: 64 x 44
  • COLOURS: monochrome
  • SOUND: N/A
  • I/O Ports: Z80 Bus, tape, video
  • Media: Tape
  • Operating System: BASIC

Sinclair ZX-80In 1980 Sinclair released the ZX81. I wouldn’t play it if you gave me another one. : ) In 1980 when you said computer you meant room – they were that big. Bringing it to the hobbyist for under one hundred pounds and so tiny was a smart move. I have one here and a friend of mine recently asked me “Is it real?” People bought them just to look at. I was fortunate enough to go round to my granddad’s, a bit of a tinkerer, and have a go.

This was Clive Sinclair’s third machine. The Sinclair MK 14 came in kit form, followed soon after by the Sinclair ZX80. Which was almost immediately replaced by the ZX81.

3D Monster Maze by Malcolm Evans of New Generation Software.

3D Monster Maze

Krazy Kong

Krazy Kong - ASCII Barrels - Awesome!

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