Jun 25 2008

Counter-Strike – Michael’s Maps

zorro @ 11:11 pm

NME Games

Federal Building

In the boardroom, the terrorists starting spot. All is peaceful – for now…

Looks like the police have themselves an ATV! Will the quarterback be toast?

Please place all metal objects in the container.

The Airport

The Annex Skywalk, complete with moving travelators, scaffolding and overhead vents.

From the other end, sheets of glass, some great hiding spots and plenty of cover.

Welcome to Black Mesa Air, will that be heavily armed or non heavily armed, sir?

The Subway

Map views of Corporate

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  1. Chris says:

    “The guys” still talk about Federal and how it was a great map with perfect choke points and multiple entries.

    I still count it as my favourite CS map, ever.

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