Jun 04 2008

Spectrum Covers Gallery

zorro @ 4:44 pm

Here’s a sample of my Spectrum games collection. For collectors, larger scans are available.

Bomb Jack - Encore - Spectrum
Bomb Jack
A conversion of the arcade classic.

Arcadia - Imagine - Spectrum
An absolute gem from Imagine,
wave after wave of Galaxian’s inspired shoot-em-up goodness.

Harrier Attack - Durell Software
Harrier Attack
This game was pretty good, I seem to remember playing it for quite a while. A bit Scramble I think.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Ocean - Spectrum
Daley Thompson’s Decathlon
The original joystick-waggler. Surely Ocean could have been king of the publisher hill, if only they had bought a joystick manufacturer. I personally broke at least three on this game.

Codemasters Game Summary - Star Runner, Super G Man, Super Robin Hood, BMX Simulator, Pro Snooker, Dizzy
Codemasters Spectrum Summary

Oriental Hero - Firebird - Spectrum
Oriental Hero
Here, it seems, they had already begun to run out of different ways to say ‘Ninja’. Oriental Hero sufficed I guess. Who would have guessed that British Telecom would get an entertainment software division, that would go on to publish Stunt Car Racer?

Ninja Scooter Simulator - Silverbird - Spectrum
Ninja Scooter Simulator
Now come on. Changing your name to Silverbird can’t hide this. Who came up with a game idea based on Ninjas and scooters anyway? And who called it Ninja Scooter Simulator? Doh!

The Great Escape - The Hit Squad - Spectum

The Great Escape

In case you can’t read the text here.

“Unquestionably the best arcade adventure this year”.

“An essential purchase …..months of varied and interesting play”.


I wonder if they had Breakout in the Cooler? 😉

Phantomas - Codemasters - Spectrum


Just put this one on here for comic relief, really. Whenever Codemasters start to get too big for their boots, I’ll email this pic to them. 😉

Frank Bruno's Boxing - Elite - Spectrum

Frank Brunos Boxing

Now I heard a lot about this game, but never played it. From the back though, a couple of the fighters look remarkably similar to those in Punch-Out, the Nintendo boxing arcade game.

Punch Out vs Frank Bruno's Boxing Comparison

Dynamite Dan - Silverbird - Spectrum

Dynamite Dan
Another Silverbird classic. 😉

The Never-Ending Story - Ocean - Spectrum

The Never-Ending Story
Ocean plunder those film licences again. I wonder if Limahl had anything to do with the soundtrack for the game as well?

Super Soccer - Ocean - Spectrum

Super Soccer
Those soccer mad poms would buy anything!

Chequered Flag - Psion - Spectrum
Chequered Flag

Some of the earliest producers for the Spectrum, they started off with utilities on the machine I think

Gnasher - Mastertronic - Spectrum

Mastertronic managed to last well into the Amiga days – small wonder when they shamelessly rip off Pac-Man.

“Aim of the Game – Eat the dots but beware of the chasing ghosts.”


Galaxian - Atarisoft - Spectrum
I didn’t remember Atari ever calling themselves Atarisoft!?
Must have been their computer division.

Millimon - Artic - Spectrum
Another very early developer. Artic produced a lot of the early games on the machine.

Yie Ar Kung Fu - The Hit Squad - Konami - Spectrum
Yie Ar Kung Fu

Konami brought out this classic on both the Spectrum & C64 and it excelled on both formats. How could a game this good fail?

“I just can’t put it down!…. the variety of moves is fantastic and the game play is explosive!…. All the features of the coin op hit…. Fist devotees will love it.”


Horace Goes Skiing - Melbourne House - Spectrum
Horace Goes Skiing
This was the game that came with my 16k Spectrum. I played it and played it and then, goddamit I played it some more. Melbourne House went on to produce the Hobbit and Way of the Exploding Fist.

Horace is a very early example of a licensed character. He had a whole series of games. And look at him – sort of a two-legged head!

Grand Prix Simulator
Grand Prix Simulator
Codemasters liked their explosive speech bubbles, I’ll give ’em that.

Technician Ted - Hewson Consultants - Spectrum
Technician Ted
Now I’m sure there’s some trivia about Hewson Consultants – the founder of Graftgold?

Formula 1 Simulator - Mastertronic - Spectrum
Formula 1 Simulator
I tell you what, that cover is absolutely great! If we ever play games that look like that, I’ll be very happy. If you bought the game on what the cover had to offer, you’d be sorely disappointed, look at the screenshots!

Jetpac - Ultimate - Spectrum

My all time favourite game for the Spectrum. Jetpac was like Defender but you were trying to build your space ship at the same time. Fiendishly difficult at times, the intertia was superb though allowing you to ‘bounce-turn’ and the like.

Lunar Jetman – the sequel was good, but it needed a 48k Spectrum, so I could only play it at a mates house. :(

Super Stunt Man - Codemasters - Spectrum

Super Stunt Man

This actually looks quite good, I’ll have to have a go :)
Music by David Whittaker as well! Cool.

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