May 31 2008

Sea-Drake Campaign

zorro @ 5:08 pm

Sea-Drake Campaign

Cast: Ulrich – Fighter, Asheren – Magician, Lysar – Ranger, Berrak – Thief, Biryn – Paladin, Sira – Monk, Ferox – Sorceror, Vryce – Sorceror, Raal Kaan – deceased Thief

Chapter Guide

Map of Jaiman - Click tp zoom

4 Responses to “Sea-Drake Campaign”

  1. Chris H says:

    I love it, you’ve clearly spent many long hours working on this…I just had an idea you’re going to hate, shouldn’t this section actually be a wiki so we, the party, can edit and add to it ourselves (for when we start playing again, uh huh)

  2. Helen says:

    looks good, feels good, easy to get around – well done!

    Chris – what is a wiki? Not all of us are computer geeks….

  3. Jeremy says:

    You are right, I’m checking out wiki plugins for WP, but so far nothing good has been revealed. I’m also experimenting with the different levels of WP users.

  4. Chris says:

    I found a plug-in which may help with your navigation problem, at a glance it does the job but further investigation may reveal it wont, take a look anyway:

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