May 22 2008

Sea-Drake Campaign – Chronicles

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U-Lyshak is unstable. The richest realm in Jamain is suffering from political tension. A hunting accident took the life of the Prince of Cynar and his heir has fled, fearing for his life. Rumour has it that he searches for the legendary Sea Drake Helm to reunify the realm and protect it from his enemies. The Priests of Yaarthrak have assumed regency and have instigated a search for the young man. Rumour has it that he is searching for the legendary Sea Drake Helm, to try and protect the realm.

Although the merchants of Norek have never been happier and the city’s people are enjoying healthy trade, the city is full of intrigue.

Lord Boshkar of Vorn has been increasing his military drills around both the Cynar and Norek borders. Relationships between Norek and Vorn have worsened.

Recently Lord Boshkar has sent an envoy to Norek supposedly to try and repair some of the political damage. Either Lord Boshkar wishes Norek as an ally against the regency of Cynar or he is gauging the defensive capabilities of Norek before an attack.

The Norinth, effectively a standing army, have been training harder than ever and this has made business for the Thieves Guild more difficult. Unhappy about this they are considering some sort of action.

Bandits have been striking at trade caravans and despite the best efforts of the Norinth have managed to evade capture.

A murder has been committed right in City Hall, the Sentinels have been investigating and the Council is pushing for results.

Fifday, 23rd of Sicklemon.

A Norek Sentinel

Arrested on suspicion of murder, the PCs meet Captain James, each other and the Norek constabulary – the Sentinels.

After providing alibis, the PCs leave, each agreeing to meet up, after sorting out personal business.

Raal fails to deliver his note to the Norek Thieves Guild – The Abominators. But does make contact with the Thieves Guild. He has become a ‘known’ operative.

Ulrich visits the Trade Hall and applies for a job with a local merchant.The job is to find a man called Seth who found a sample of Rularon on his travels. The merchant, Wezmer wishes to know where it came from. Seth was the reason that Ulrich visited Norek in the first place, he is a wanderer who makes superb bows.

Lysar is met by a fellow Guardian, an elf named Lionar, who is Master of the Remirath – the Elven enchanted forest growing close to Norek. Lionar has known her since she was a child. (Lionar is a full Wood-Elf and ages more slowly compared to Lysar’s more human lifespan.) Lionar discusses the role of the Guardian and the will of Iloura, the Goddess. Also discussed is the movement of Lugroki along the U-Lyshak border and that the Kaeden walk with them. He has called the other Guardian’s but Lysar is the first to answer the call.

Sira, a Shaalian monk from Saralis, arrives in Norek searching for his brother. It has been four years since he left and Sira heard that he had built a temple to Shaal in Norek. Sira visits the temple, but no-one there knows of his brother. While Sira walks the street he hears rumours of the foul murder in Norek’s City Hall.

Ferox visits the city having heard of a magical academy known as the Arcanus. Stories of limitless learning have attracted a young man driven by his thirst for knowledge. As he wanders the city looking for clues, he comes across two men who catch his interest. Their long, red robes and snatches of conversation piqued his curiosity and he follows them across the city. Just as it seems they must be nearing their destination, two of the Norinth guardsmen take a sudden interest in him. Ferox cuts his losses and backs away.

Biryn Longmarch is a paladin who has lived most of his life in the city. Taken into the church at an early age, Biryn has endured a harsh and rigorous training both in the religious aspect and then later in combat, in preparation for his Journeyman status. He has been spending some time among the Norinth, lending his talents to stopping the city’s crime. Fancying himself as a bit of a detective, he often appears where he is not wanted, but the Norinth tolerate this as he is a well-intentioned young man. Captain James in particular has a fondness for Biryn, often giving him old case manuscripts to study. Biryn hears about the characters detention and visits them at the station. Recently Biryn’s graduation to Journeyman was interrupted by four Norinth and some Shaalian monks who burst into the temple. The monks seem convinced that Brother Kan was involved in the murder. Brother Kan has a perfect alibi, as he and the other priests know, but he accompanies the guardsmen eager to clear his name of any wrongdoing. He is released without charge and with an apology less that half an hour later.

Asheren wanders the streets of Norek, his memory slowly returning to him. Distant dreams of harsh landscapes haunt him, as he pieces his life together again he remembers that a distant relative came to Norek to open up an Alchemist’s store. He vows to track him down and try and get news from home. His most immediate concern though, is food and shelter. Since stepping off a ship and onto the harbour he has not had a single coin to his name.

Finally they meet back up again, exchanging information. They visit the merchant, Rufus whom Sira overheard being questioned about the murder by two of the Norinth. They visit the Shaalian monks who are convinced that they saw a man dressed in the robes of the Yarthraakian priests. This particular cloth is extremely rare and so they visit a cloth merchant also. The merchant does not appreciate being ‘menaced’ by the PC’s and soon requests the intervention of the guards. Biryn and Sira back off.

Meanwhile Lysar and Ferox visit the Norek library. A huge building in the middle of the city, the library has a full scribe and collection service. They investigate various subjects but come up a blank on the subject of ??????? Although Biryn advised them to look at the library’s newly acquired scrolls, Ferox and Lysar forget to examine these. Purchased as part of the estate of the recently deceased Priest of Cay, they have not yet been examined and filed.

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