Aug 22 2009

Kung Fu Chaos

zorro @ 3:14 pm
Kung Fu Chaos - CoverThis much-overlooked game has seen some serious playtime at my regular multi-player sessions. It’s an average single-player game since it’s nowhere near as vindictive as beatin’ down on your homies. The game’s premise is that it’s fun to beat-up your friends, and the developers, Just Add Monsters, are right! There are around eight different characters to play, each of them having their own combos. Once again it is proven that games are more fun when the controls expand with the skill of the player. As you move through the game there are simple button combinations which unleash a flurry of kicks and punches, some of which stun your opponent. During this stun a two-button combination executes a powerful attack which will put your opponent on the ground. Once on the ground you can kick the other player out of the arena or throw them out, or throw them at someone else.

Street Fighter 2 meets Streets of Rage. Multiplayer.

While all of this seems innocent enough, other players (either computer or human controlled) are doing the same thing, often to you. You block with the right shoulder button, during which you can be thrown (a la SF2). Add in throwable props – chairs, tables and the ubiquitous crate or two and you have your ‘chaos’.

  • Master Sho-Yu
  • Ninja Fu Hiya
  • Monkey
  • Lucy Cannon
  • Xui Tan Sour
  • Samurai and Son
  • Candi Roll
  • Captain Won Ton
Kung Fu Chaos - Master Sho-You gets it from Monkey

Kung Fu Chaos - Cannonball Run styleTaunts are another aspect of combat – after knocking your opponent to the ground, pressing the right shoulder button taunts your opponent (with some pretty cool-looking Japanese kanji). You then gain a ‘taunt star’, three of these and you can unleash a super-combo, giving you the chance to spectacularly destroy your opponents. The game is designed around a Hong Kong movie set where you are the star and your performance is ranked in terms of accolade thus, Pass, Sleeper Hit, etc. The levels are themed accordingly. There is a shanty town, including a great river brawl, a voodoo landscape, a UFO invasion, a sinking cruise ship and the fantastic jungle level. Each level has an associated sub-game, most of which are great fun – the princess-tossing is particularly good – which break up the larger, combat levels well.

Kung Fu Chaos - the opening levelGraphics start out good and get up to incredible in parts. The giant Tyrannosaurus Rex which chases your raft down the river, before gnashing it into pieces – with you still fighting on it – was breathtaking. As a graphical style, the game reminded me most of Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja on the SNES with big, cheerful graphics with lush textures. Sound is good, combining trash-talk with classic, chop-socky, impact effects and the ambient noise from the levels themselves. The director who shouts at you through a bull-horn, does so with stereo-typed broken English. Thus “Big Fight! Much Action!” is one of the game’s taglines. But it’s got nothing on Mickey Rooney’s asian portrayal in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But come on developers, how good would it be to have Master Yuen Wo Ping, the fight choreographer from the Matrix? I don’t recall seeing him jumping around like a demented, bull-horn equipped rabbit. Oh, and one more thing, if a game is this good in multi-player then can the developers please allow you to unlock secrets in multi-player as well as single-player? Please?

Kung Fu Chaos - the Rope-Bridge of Death!

Overall this game is a blast and is pretty cheap these days so well worth picking up. While you’re at it, why don’t you pick up a couple of extra controllers as well?

The Blurb

  • Fight in Kung Fu style, complete with smack talk: Pummel friends with slick combat moves, and add insult to injury with viciously hilarious taunts.
  • Choose from an array of wild and crazy characters: Characters are a witty reprise of classic 70’s movers and shakers and traditional martial arts film icons. Nine characters are available to choose from (three are unlockable), each designed to look, fight, and hurl abuse in his or her own kick-butt manner.
  • Battle it out in film set environments: Work your way through 21 diverse levels. The moving film sets provide dynamic and interactive environments for fighting.
  • Enjoy fun and easy gameplay: Kung Fu Chaos provides a rewarding and humorous fighting experience for everyone from first-time players to non-fighting gamers to experienced video game fanatics. Characters possess a discoverable and diverse set of fight moves that can be mastered for added fun and competition.
  • Listen to funky tunes: Featuring hallmark songs such as “Kung Fu Fighting,” “Enter The Dragon,” and others.

Six Gameplay Modes:

  • Ninja Challenge: Choose an actor, and fight your way through a clan of mysterious evil ninjas on a series of spectacular movie sets. You must play Ninja Challenge to unlock levels and characters for the other modes of play.
  • Battle Game: Choose a character, and fight against your co-stars on the sets and in the scenes of your choosing. You can either choose to fight against the A.I. or against up to three other players on a single Xbox.
  • Championship: Choose a character, and fight against your friends or the computer through all three scenes of a single level. You can either choose to fight against the A.I. or against up to three other players on a single Xbox.
  • Mini-Series: Choose a character, and get ready for a wild ride! Each character’s journey is different, and you never know which scene or options you’ll wind up with. You have to win in each scene to advance to the next.
  • Freestyle: Fight in an open arena against the A. I. or with up to three players on a single Xbox. This is the perfect place to perfect your Kung Fu technique.
  • Rehearsal: Learn the basic battle moves to improve your Kung Fu technique.

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