Aug 22 2009


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Megalomania - Amiga - CoverCan you imagine a ten minute game of Warcraft?  That kinda sums up Mega-Lo-Mania.  From the early 90s coding powerhouse, Sensible Software, this was their next game after the huge success of Wizball across a number of formats. Though Mega-Lo-Mania was an Amiga-specific launch it was converted to a few other formats such as the Atari ST and was also known as Tyrants Through Time on the US Genesis.

As one of four gods the player must battle to control territories – both attacking and defensive skills will be needed.

Each game is divided into epochs and each epoch was divided into three levels.  The epochs followed man’s evolutionary tree too – ranging from early cavemen (with associated clubs), through to the equally warlike (but far more destructive) modern man.  Task your troops with defending your fortress, attacking your enemies and inventing and producing more goodies.

Megalomania - Amiga - Title

The game itself used a well-crafted development tree, something that Civilization was soon to perfect.  Discovering how to create one thing would lead to another and so on.  The more complex the item, the more raw materials it took, the longer it took and the more manpower it required.

But let’s not kid ourselves here, though Mega-Lo-Mania had some resource management and some strategy, the battles themselves were either won by sheer, well-armed numbers or by sharp reflexes.  Though you could make alliances, they were temporary, transient things.  This was no Civilization or even a Warcraft.

Megalomania - Amiga - 1st Epoch Battle Megalomania - Amiga - 2nd Epoch Battle

The final level was four islands, each controlled by an enemy. The only weapons allowed were nukes and it was a race to see who could get there first. A last minute alliance could mean the difference between winning and getting nuked out of the game.

Megalomania - Amiga - End of an Epoch Production values were superb though and the game boasted over 700k of voice samples!  Not bad for a game that came on two 800k floppy disks.  And this was certainly part of the attraction.  Lots of silly English voices saying things like “We’ve won!”, “Ergonomically terrific!” and “Would you like to come on my team?” – it was all very Sensible.

Probably the closest game to it since would be the Bitmap Brother’s Z, which combined Mega-Lo-Mania with Command & Conquer and added a dash of Cannon Fodder.

What it did do was to cement Sensible Software’s love affair with tiny game characters that was to serve them, and the gaming world, so well in future games like Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer.

The Blurb:

Are you ready to face the challenge of three cruel and conniving adversaries?

To take over a planet, all potential gods must start at the dawn of time, cross to the present and continue into the future. Weapons are invented and then fabricated from raw materials that must be extracted from mines or collected from other sources. You will have to divide your men up among such tasks as invention, extraction, fabrication defence and attack…….

  • Nine Epochs – Cavemen to the modern man.

  • Digitized voices, background music and sound effects.

  • Construction of castles, factories and laboratories.

  • Conception and creation of weapons (bows and arrows, catapults, cannons, nuclear weapons and flying saucers…)

  • Animated Battles.

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