Aug 20 2009


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Wizball - Amiga - Intro ScreenYour brightly coloured Wizworld is slowing turning drab as all the colour is sucked away by an evil force. With your trusty companion Cat, help restore colour to your world by collecting paint drops stolen by enemies. You earn more special abilities the more paint drops you collect.

Sensible Software’s first Amiga game came as quite a shock to a gaming community inundated with sub-standard arcade conversions and platform games.The gameplay is simplicity itself. You have a bouncing ball, increase the spin by moving your joystick, power up your ball by shooting enemies and DNA, giving you increasingly better control and armaments.

Here comes a red wave.

Movement, shield, the R-Type style controllable pod (your wizard’s cat), machine guns, spray, smart bombs and finally the Ying-Yang symbol whose power escapes me for the moment.

Paint is collected by your pod, simply hold fire and move him about. Be careful though, he does take damage, so sitting under a paint wave with shield on and catching the drops is the best way to go.Between paint waves you have enemy waves. Some of them are fairly standard like the electric pulses, but others like the watermelons and the compact discs were simply bizarre!

Wizball Powers

Wizball Powerups

Some of the paint is booby-trapped too, black ones turn out the lights, purple ones make your pod go schizo and blue ones unleash the Wizball Police, complete with wailing sirens.

Collect a full jar of paint and it is off to the shoot-em-up section, destroy as many enemies as possible and grab the power ups before finally ending up at your wizard’s laboratory where you empty your jars and then begin again.

Look out!  Killer CDs! Made it to the lab.

A combination of some good, ‘bouncy’ physics, great power-ups and a really bizarre and original idea made this one a huge hit (gaining Zzap 64’s Game of the Year 1986) and cemented Sensible Software as one of the UK’s premier codeshops.

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