Aug 18 2009

Total Annihilation

zorro @ 10:22 pm

The second generation of real-time wargames has arrived. Dune 2, Command & Conquer & Warcraft have a lot to answer for. Red Alert was no more than C&C 1.5 and KKND just C&C retouched, Total Annihilation & Dark Reign are the ones to watch out for. Line of sight is the biggest plus in both these games, despite the arm’s length ‘features’ they both boast. Ambushes are what have been missing – secreting caches of troops and tanks behind hills and glades of trees and actually surprising your enemy could lead to a whole new wargame frenzy.

September 1996

Total Annihilation is the next generation in real-time strategy gaming. Its technological and graphic advancements, including true 3D terrain and real-time 3D rendered units and buildings, make it the most challenging and visually stunning real-time combat game around.

Large and diverse maps transport players across radically different landscapes such as lava worlds, ice planets, desert valleys, artificial metal worlds, alien tundra, towering mountain peaks and vast, island-dotted oceans. Mega-maps for 32Mb and 64Mb users made of thousands of screens promise hours, even days, of multi-player campaigns and battles.

With true 3D weapon trajectories, holding ‘high ground’ isn’t just a saying. Lob shells over the side of the hill, and destroy defenceless attackers. Long range ‘Bertha’ cannons have the ability to bombard the enemy half-way across the world.Players can drive true 3D tanks up mountains, into valleys and even underwater. Units are made of hundreds of individually articulating parts. Cannons recoil and vehicles shake after each hit. Aircraft wings fold and unfold on take-off and landings. Because each vehicle is 3D rendered in real-time, aircraft can bank gracefully during turns while under-belly cannons rotate to track targets.

Extensive water units such as submarines, rocket boats, aircraft carriers and fast attack craft give Total Annihilation a whole new edge. Entire campaigns and battles can be mounted from the water. Amphibian tanks actually drive underwater, allowing players the opportunity to wait for the right moment to surface and attack. Aircraft may be deployed directly from carriers in order to attack enemy bases across the sea.

Total Annihilation brings new scope, depth and meaning to real-time war gaming. Prepare yourself.

  • Fully articulated, run-time generated 3D units and buildings.

  • True 3D terrain that units must climb over, into and around.

  • Large 3D generated maps, extra Large maps for 32M users.

  • Landscape diversity. From grasslands, forests, snowscapes and deserts to open water, barren landscapes, lava, metal and ice worlds. Plus, many more.

  • Over 150 units and 25 missions per side in single player campaign.

  • Full Multi-player support as well as single player skirmish mode.

  • Watch and join modes in multi-player games.

  • Allied teams can share resources, information and units.

  • Download new units and buildings weekly from

  • Full complement of land, air and sea units.

  • Look for entirely new unit types with new weapons and capabilities, such as cloaked, psionics and insectoid, in expansion packs and on-line.

  • Complex water units such as aircraft carriers, floating factories and amphibious tanks that drive into and under the water.

  • Tracking feature allows you to follow units and long range weapon fire into battle.

  • Air and sea transports that can move virtually any unit.

  • Teleportation to move units to and from anywhere in the world.

  • Highly advanced weaponry includes starburst missiles, plasma shells, lightning pulses, nanobeams and paralyzers.

  • True 3D firing trajectories for weapons including cannons, missiles and rockets.

  • Configurable fog of war options to match your playing style.

  • Runs in 640×480 or higher resolutions to see more of the battle field.

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