Aug 18 2009

Time Pilot

zorro @ 9:49 pm

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, still one of my all time favourites – Time Pilot.

Playing this game on MAME and my arcade cabinet is one of my favourite ways to wile away an evening. From the designer of Gyruss, it nearly didn’t arrive at all. Inspired by Bosconian, Yoshiki Okamoto designed this instead of the driving game he had been required to. Konami followed up with Time Pilot ’84, but Okamoto had gone on to Capcom, where he designed 1942,Final Fight & the Street Fighter games.

Full 360 degree movement, cool sound effects, a meter which told you how many enemies until the next stage, groups of planes guarding parachuting-bonus-hostages, mid-level ships which took five hits, end of level ‘bosses’ to finish off and the fact that the game moved though time zones. Biplanes, WW2 planes, helicopters, UFO’s.


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