Aug 18 2009


zorro @ 12:45 am

Tenchu plays like Thief crossed with Tomb Raider.  The third-person perspective allows you to ‘look’ around corners and witness some cool jumps and swings from an action angle.

As usual with third-person games there are problems with the camera, but since these tend to work in your favour most of the time (look through building walls, etc), they are tolerable.

The instant kills are one of the best part of the game.  If you can sneak up on an opponent and attack, your ninja executes a stunningly efficient kill.  And it is this sneakiness gameplay element that is the hook for the entire game.  The game rewards you for not being seen in terms of both score and mechanics.  Completing a mission without being seen by anyone other than your telling-no-one victim, results in a Master Ninja ranking.

If you combined Thief with Tenchu you would have my perfect game.  Perhaps even sprinkle a few cool pre-generated attacks through the level.

The Blurb

Prowl and strike with lethal precision as ninja assassins Rikimaru or Ayame in the shadowy world of feudal Japan.  Armed with mystical weapons and sheer cunning, you must shed blood with discretion and move without detection.  For only the unseen survive.

Stealth Fighting Tactics Authentic Ninja Weapons Go-Anywhere 3-D Environments
Master dozens of motion-captured ninja moves as you disembowel fearsome samurai, wild beasts, and evil demons.

Assassinate incredibly cunning enemies before they see you coming, and attain victory by being an invisible shadow warrior.

Wield 20 stunning death-dealing weapons, including throwing stars, grappling hooks, caltrops, grenades, poison, and magic spells.

Unleash long-range attacks with a unique 1st-person targeting system.

Stalk the towns, temples, forests, caves and dungeons of 16th century Japan in 10 deadly missions.

A user-controllable camera helps you climb trees, wade through rivers and creep along rooftops to avoid detection

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