Aug 18 2009

Tekken 2

zorro @ 12:40 am

Fighting games have come a long way since Karate Champ. The main fighting games of the last few years have been Street Fighter 2 (in all of its many incarnations), Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Killer Instinct & Tekken.

With the advent of Virtua Fighter from Sega, 3D scrapping had arrived. The debate raged on about Tekken vs Virtua Fighter and Sega ended the discussion with the release of the undeniably superb Virtua Fighter 2. But Namco was not about to be outdone. And here it is – Tekken 2. Mad, bad and dangerous to know.

One of the great things about the first Tekken, and is carried over with even greater effect in the sequel, is the painfulness of the moves. Broken necks, popped knees and shoulders as well as repeated face smashing and colossal crushes are all accompanied by their own fantastic sound effects. King’s four joint popping combo is amazing!

Tekken 2 really found the balance between button-mashing frenzies and skilfully executed combos, allowing newbies to battle experienced players and still retain a chance of winning.  Tekken’s combo system was superb, creating character-specific, combination chains and counters accompanied by the appropriate, animated delivery of pain.

Though popular in the arcades, Tekken and Tekken 2 really achieved critical success on Sony’s Playstation.  The home version was as good, if not better than its arcade counterpart and even had additional features such as training modes to add to its appeal.

The 3D fighting game had truly arrived.

Namco’s Blurb

They’re all here, Heihachi, Paul Phoenix, King. Plus deadly new challengers: Jun Kazama, Bruce Irvin, Lei Wu-Long. 25 of the greatest fighters on earth competing in the Tournament of the Iron Fist. Welcome to Tekken 2. Bigger. Badder. Better. More than a sequel…the undisputed #1 fighting game on the planet.

It’s got the lot.

Practice mode, vs Mode, Arcade Mode

25 Characters

New moves

Linkable throws.

Combos your mother would be proud of.

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