Aug 17 2009

Supercars 2

zorro @ 5:22 pm

Developer Magnetic Fields started out on the Amiga with this absolute gem on the Amiga.  The first game in the series was only beaten by this, with more weapons, more bonuses and more convoluted tracks.  After this they went onto produce Lotus Turbo Challenge and from there they all but disappeared, until the launch of Europress’ Lombard RAC Rally line.

After the 16-bit computers and consoles left us, top down racers also disappeared, which I think is a great shame.  Apart from a brief resurgence with the likes of 3D Realms’ Death Rally (nowhere near as good) nothing has since come close to Super Cars.

Super Cars 2 - Main Image

Super Cars 2 Upgrade ScreenIn Super Cars you could pull off handbrake turns, blow up your opponents, ram them off the road, or lay mines.  The arsenal you had at your disposal was frightening.Damage needed repairing and engines had to be upgraded.  All this cost money.

Super Cars 2 Exam TimeThen there was the presentation of the whole thing.  Mixed in with the racing was a series of interviews with the police, driving instructors, lawyers, environmentalists and more.

Super Cars 2 - "Your Great Uncle liked cats. What do you think of them?"In these ‘chats’ you could earn championship points, get access to your great uncle’s will and more money; but get cocky and they could fine you, dock points or give you a well deserved slap.

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