Aug 17 2009

Super Punch Out

zorro @ 5:18 pm

Super Punch-Out is a very good conversion of one of Nintendo’s few and far between arcade games.  At the arcades this game had a double screen – one for each fighter.  Not having this luxury on the SNES, Nintendo was forced to compromise.  In actual fact, I think the arcade could have been done this way.Nintendo ‘ghosted’ the image of the player as fists came flying, so you could see your opponent’s fists (quite valuable in a boxing game, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

The arcade game has good timing on the fighting already, so without too much fuss the main playability of the game was already written.

Graphics are great, Super Punch-Out has enormous sprites, flashing camera lights and speed.

Sound too is excellent, sampled speech to introduce the players “Piston Hurricane” and the player-winning one liner, “Piece of cake.”  The crowd cheers, bells ring and punches thud.

Adding the leagues in to tone down the initial difficulty is something that Sega should still be taking a lesson from.  Arcade conversions should not be literal, a home version needs some sort of campaign mode to keep drawing players back.

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