Aug 17 2009

Super Mario Kart

zorro @ 5:15 pm

Surely almost everyone has played Mario Kart by now. For the few of you who’ve been under a rock for the last decade or so, Mario Kart once again utilises the SNES’ Mode 7 chip to deliver another excellent racing game from Nintendo.

The thing about Mario Kart, which differentiated it from Nintendo’s other Mode 7 racer – F-Zero – was the handling of the cars. Take away all the sickly sweet cutesy-wutesy Mario(TM) look of the game, and the cars actually handled like real cars. They would lock up around corners, get up on two wheels, even spin out on a treacherous corner.

But it was in two-player mode that it really took off, bashing your opponents car to make them lose all their coins and then running them off the edge of the road as you screamed past to victory was enough to very nearly cause fist-fights (in my house anyway). Even teaming up was fun, if Bowser was in front you could sandwich him between the two of you and knock him out of the front running. And don’t forget Battle-Mode, where racing is forgotten and the objective is to destroy the other player!

Still one of the all-time greatest video-games. Brilliant.

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