Aug 17 2009

Soul Edge

zorro @ 4:05 pm

Soulblade - PAL - PlaystationSoul Edge was released into the arcades right after Tekken 2 and went down a storm with its be-weaponed combat and flashy graphics. Some of the graphic effects are incredible, the character’s chests heave as they exert themselves, the long grass waves in the breeze and armour shifts on the characters as they change their stance. Hard to believe then that Soul Edge at the arcade is running on Namco’s System 11 Board – essentially the inside of a Playstation. Which is why the translation is so good.

This is a tale of swords and souls, transcending the world and all its history, told for all eternity…

A story in the 16th Century, in which fighters of various clans travelled around the world in quest of the legendary sword “Soul Edge”. Some believed that it was the sword of salvation, and some that it was evil. Only the survivor will find the truth. And only when the sword and soul become one, will you uncover the Soul Edge.

Soul Edge - Playstation Soul Edge - Playstation

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