Aug 17 2009


zorro @ 12:16 am

Rygar – he of the killer yo-yo. I loved this game, and it was one of the few arcade games I actually finished. A brilliant power-up system which inspired many subsequent games. As you collected the ‘keys’ you eventually had an amazingly powerful warrior which ripped through enemies like a knife through butter.

The jumping warrants particular mention, when you landed on an enemy you could stun them (a la Mario) and then launch yourself onto the next enemy, bouncing your way across the level. The flying gargoyle section was best done this way. Wait until they swoop, jump and bounce on one and then ‘surf’ your way through the level – a steady hand was all that was needed.

Rygar - Tecmo - 1986

Enemies dropped from out of the sky, materialised from the trees, popped from the ground, charged towards you or simply harassed you until the end of the level.  There are so many good bits in Rygar it’s impossible to list them all!

Rygar was converted to many of the systems at the time to varying degrees of success but the Atari Lynx version is probably the best. There was also a very rare, Japanese only, Master System version.

Rygar was finally given a sequel in 2002 on Playstation 2.

Star Power

Crown Power

Tiger Power

Cross Power

Sun Power
Increase Range. Increase Firepower. Deadly Jump Invincibility Fire Vertically

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