Aug 16 2009

Rick Dangerous

zorro @ 6:40 pm

I never could master this game. A cross between Prince of Persia and an Indiana Jones-based puzzle game, each screen in Rick Dangerous was filled with fatal pitfalls.  Spikes shot out of the floor, poisoned darts shot across the room, the natives tried to get you, falling rocks.  In fact the whole thing was a total piss-take of Indiana Jones but proved compelling to so many people.

I just got the shits with the memory-based gameplay.  “Ah, so if I jump at exactly that point I’ll miss the deadly spikes, then I crawl until that point and then jump and then fall to the left to avoid more spikes.” It ended up playing like Dragon’s Lair!

Still, it was the forerunner to the Tomb Raider series and indeed much of the mythological elements of this game are present in Lara Croft’s adventures. Rick just takes himself a little less seriously.

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