Aug 16 2009

Resident Evil

zorro @ 6:34 pm

Resident Evil

Capcom’s radical departure from their usual fighting game fare, took a great many people by surprise. Nobody had really bothered to try the Alone in the Dark genre and Capcom, really brought it up to date. So much so, that there was some controversy over the title.

It is a bit on the gross side, but it also has that suspense feeling, because of the adventure elements in it. Running around the house trying to find keys, ammo and the next save point knowing that any second a zombie was going to grab you and chowing down on your shoulder. (Mmmm, tastes just like chicken 😉 )

All of a sudden Sony & Capcom had a monster hit on their hands and of course, there are plans for a sequel, although not until 97.

Having two plotlines in the game was a welcome change, you could play as Jill or Chris, each taking you on a slightly different route with some nasty surprises along the way for both of them.

Resident Evil 2

In Resident Evil 2, their costume change will affect the character status and the items which they can hold. Now, both weapons and costumes are an important factor in the game. A few hand guns and a shotgun are already prepared for weapons to be used, but specific models of the guns are still being planned. Leon, at the start, only wears light clothing and has a shoulder holster with his gun. He can later on acquire a police uniform and bullet proof vest. As for Elza, she wears a bike-racer suit in the beginning, but she also will acquire bullet proof vest and gun belt. The characters from the prequel are reported to be in a nearby hospital, but there is a possible chance that they may reappear in the story.
The game starts off inside the police department–the main entrance, room, halls, lobby and the morgue–now are all battle fields. Compared to the prequel, there are far more zombies attacking you at the same time, as they come from all directions. The player will now need to be more decisive as to find the quickest route to escape. Can you survive the horrors once again?

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