Aug 16 2009

Rescue on Fractalus

zorro @ 6:16 pm

Originally released for the Atari 800, Rescue on Fractalus was developed by the Lucasfilm Games Group (later to become Lucasarts), a division of the Lucasfilm Computer Division (later to be sold to Steve Jobs and turned into Pixar) The game began life as a wager that the Atari could not do fractals.  The fractal engine was built and the game was originally developed as a non-violent rescue game.

George Lucas wanted a fire button added and made a few other suggestions which eventually ended up as Rescue on Fractalus.  The game was originally going to be titled “Behind Jaggi Lines” but was re-christened by Atari’s marketing department. Considering that modern consoles are still struggling with ‘jaggies’ I think it a fitting subtitle for a great game.

Rescue on Fractalus was followed a year later by another game based on the same fractal engine – Koronis Rift and was another huge hit for the Atari’s and the Commodore 64’s.

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