Aug 16 2009

Raid on Bungeling Bay

zorro @ 2:10 pm

I played this one round at my girlfriend’s house and was instantly hooked by the ‘realistic’ realisation of the cities you were flying over, not surprising now considering that Will Wright, the creator, went on to create the seminal Sim City.  The idea for Sim-City’s tile based terrain was born from the tile editor that Mr Wright used to map out the cities for Bungeling Bay.

This is a Desert Strike style game, complete with helicopter as you fly your way around nearly 100 screens blasting and bombing the factories that the Bungeling corporation have set up.  Eventually the Corporation gets enough resources to build a gigantic battle-ship and it comes after you and your carrier.

The flight mechanics on the helicopter were similar to Desert Strike‘s, the joystick was mapped as a yoke and the chopper could bank and turn, which was needed late as you frantically dodged the enemy heat-seeking missiles.

From the manual:

We have obtained information that the Bungeling Empire is trying to conquer the Earth by developing a War Machine. In order to stop this, you must sneak into their centre (Bungeling Bay) to destroy the six secret factories using a helicopter. This is your mission.

Also licensed by Nintendo for release on the NES and then released at the arcades as part of Nintendo’s Vs systems.

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