Aug 16 2009

Racing Destruction Set

zorro @ 1:58 pm

A forerunner of games such as Off-Road Racing and Supercars, Racing Destruction Set was created by the legendary Geoff Crammond (also responsible for Stunt Car Racer and the Grand Prix series on Amiga and PC.

The design and handling of the cars reminds me a lot of another old favourite – Skidmarks from the Amiga. Top down racers have now all but disappeared now that 3D technology is more than capable of rendering the environments but I still miss ’em!

A split screen two player mode is well implemented and you can choose different types of vehicles, landscapes (including a lunar racing!). You can even construct your own tracks.

As with other similar games you can create plenty of havoc out on the courses with oil-slicks and land-mines aplenty. The in game graphics are a bit weak, the vehicles could have been done better, and the outside of the landscape made more interesting, but they do the job, and the game plays very well.

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