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Quake - When Death Knights Attack!Reviewed: 1996

The game, the lifestyle. More than just another Doom clone, this is the benchmark for a new genre – The Quake clone. Sure there were some cool variations on the Doom engine, Heretic and Hexen were good ideas and Rise of the Triad held my attention for at least five minutes. All that Quake does is to recapture that ‘right there’ feeling from Doom and upgrade the engine. No major changes just Doom 3D. And after all that’s what we wanted.

The monsters, ever the mainstay of a good 3D blaster, are superb. Although more spartan than Doom, they are no less deadly because of it. They follow you around the level, jump down from ledges, dodge your bullets and generally try to hurt you.

A lot.

Quake - The Monster Squad

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Quake - The Opening Level

Each level was designed with a theme in mind – dark, dank medieval castles, hi-tech space stations and sump filled caverns.

Ledges loom above you, special runes wink invitingly from far off battlements and the whole game feels superbly 3D.

There are thirty single player and six deathmatch-only levels in Quake. The first seven are featured in the shareware version and these do not have the deranged architectural feel of the rest.

As you go into the game you actually feel as if you are getting closer to hell. Acid pools become more frequent, the lighting gets darker and the monsters are bigger, badder and lurk more. 😉

Quake - Ogre

However, the programmers at id in their infinite wisdom, decided to make the engine open ended. Doom had level editors and thousands of different shaped maps arrived. In Quake everything is open ended, new textures for the characters, complete rule change-arounds. Fancy a network game where you have to behead the other player and carry his head back to your base? Go ahead.

Quake is a fine game single player, worthy of the 95% + scores that have been awarded to it from just about every major PC magazine. However if you have a modem 28.8K or above then you should play online. Quake comes into its own with four or more players. Here’s the way it breaks down.

# Players Rating
1 Excellent Blaster in the Doom tradition
2 Hunt and destroy
4 Human killing machines goin’ at it
8 Awesome frag fest
12 Yeehah! Frag ’em all!
16 OH MY GOD. Go for longer than one minute and you’re doin’ well. Bodies everywhere.

So Quake’s pretty good then?

Damn straight. New servers springing up everywhere. Cheap rates. Kill, kill, kill. Multi player Quake is the most bloodthirsty game ever. If you’ve ever wanted to humiliate (or be humiliated depending on your skill) your friends then this is the game to give ’em a spanking on.

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