Aug 15 2009

Paradroid 90

zorro @ 1:07 am

Paradroid 90 - Amiga - Title ScreenThe Amiga version of this classic Commodore 64 shoot-em-up retained the deep gameplay at the heart of the original version.  You could now see more of the level on-screen and the graphics were enhanced, though still retaining the bas-relief which shone through on the 64.  This game is ripe for a conversion to a portable gaming system.

At its heart this is a puzzle game with an arcade-adventure wrapped around it.

Paradroid 90 - Amiga - Transfer

The puzzle in question takes place during transfer mode where the player must attempt to control another droid’s CPU.  This is done by using electrical impulses, of which you have a finite amount.  It’s very good and adds to the risk of the game.  Not only do you have to get close enough to engage a transfer, sometimes dodging a hail of bullets, but you also have to be able to beat it in transfer mode!

Then there is the arcade-adventure mode.  This involves moving around the decks via strategically placed elevators and clearing them of other droids.  Needless to say, the other droids are not too happy about this and will attempt to destroy you on sight.

Speaking of sight, Paradroid uses line of sight to keep you guessing and exploring.  It’s worth sticking your head in every room just to se if there are any droids hiding in a corner.

Paradroid 90 is a thinking-man’s shooter.  Definitely not the sort of game you expect from the designer responsible for making one of the twitchiest Commodore 64 shooters ever – Uridium.

Paradroid 90 - Amiga - Shuttle DeckParadroid 90 - Amiga - Droid Info (999)Paradroid 90 - Amiga - Ship Map

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