Aug 15 2009


zorro @ 1:00 am

Paradroid on the Commodore 64 was the original and therefore must get most of the credit. But why not check out theĀ very impressive Amiga version? A version so good, it receives its own entry in the Classic Games Database.

You can read more about this amazing game in the originalĀ Zzap 64 magazine article online! However, along with a Gold Medal Award, here’s what they said in the end…

Presentation: 100% Immaculate. Faultless in appearance and execution with excellent use of joystick.

Graphics: 97% Stunning bas-relief effect. Brilliant definition and use of colour all round.

Sound: 88% No music, but incredibly effective and atmospheric beeps, whoops and the like to compensate.

Hookability: 98% Virtually enforced addiction as you attempt to clear the first ship…

Lastability: 98% … and once you’ve cleared that there are still seven more to go!

Value for Money: 98% It’s been worth the wait and it’s definitely worth the money.

Overall: 97%

THE classic shoot em up.

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