Aug 14 2009


zorro @ 8:54 pm

Original Notes (1996): This game is great. Some of the best platform action since Sonic the Hedgehog! The designers of Pandemonium know that a good platform game is one where you can bounce a lot. : )

Imagine Sonic the Hedgehog with Gex in a 3D world. The camera moves all over the place, but thanks to some careful programming it never obstructs the view.

Additional Notes (2004): In retrospect this game is probably most like Crash Bandicoot but remaining a little closer to its 2-D gaming roots.  There was a charm about the game, something indefinable. Perhaps it was the bounce physics, I don’t know, but it suckered me in.

Not particularly successful on Playstation or Saturn, this was a developer still used to the 3DO system. Gex, Star Control 2 and one of the first 32-bit games – Crash n’ Burn all came from a developer who almost staked it all on Trip Hawkins’ doomed system.

Additional Notes (2006): I recently got the chance to play Sega’s Nights into Dreams game and noted the similarities in the use of 3D to enhance, rather than replace 2D platforming games

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