Aug 14 2009

Need for Speed 4

zorro @ 1:37 am


Now that the hype has died down and I have had time to get my teeth into Need for Speed 4, it is everything that EA hyped it to be. The handling of the cars, while not quite the same as Need for Speed 3 – PSX (in my opinion still the best handling) has loosened up a great deal. If you were caught on Need For Speed 2 – PSX, then please, don’t judge 3 or 4 by that.

The coolest features of Need for Speed 4 are as follows.

  • Jumps & Stunts – flips, bounces, collisions, sailing over roadblocks. Cool.
  • Garage mode – Win and buy your own cars.
  • Modify mode – Upgrade you car in three stages – faster, leaner and meaner. :)
  • Cops – The real reason most people play the Need for Speed series. Hot Pursuit mode this time around has cops native to their country. Although the Australian copper does seem to have a thick English accent.
  • 2 Player – Cops & Robbers, Two robbers vs cops, straight race and….
  • High Stakes – “I bet my Porsche against your HSV that I’ll win.” (Needs two memory cards.)

Of course, the inclusion of the HSV & XR8 was a masterstroke on EA’s part and they are much more convincing than the PC version of NFS 3, which also featured Fords & Holdens.

The Tournament and Special Events mode puts you in a position where you must utilize your winnings to fix your damaged cars or, situation willing, purchase new vehicles. You’ll also be able to supe up existing cars with enhanced parts that is, if the price is right.

Some classic NFS architecture

Purple-lit snowfields are so much nicer at 200 kph!

Holdens & Fords are in the Playstation version!

Free ride in a police car with every race!

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