Aug 14 2009

Need for Speed 2

zorro @ 1:16 am

Need for Speed 2 was released just as the 3D cards were hitting the acceleration hungry PC market. NFS 2 Special Edition hopes to remedy its lack of visuals by releasing an add on pack containing more cars, tracks and 3D support! Having played the one track demo, I can tell you that it looks better than any other car racing game around. Spot effects complement the blistering frame rate like splotches of rain on the windscreen, misty jungles, glowing lava and transparent smoke.

Just played the full, release version! Fantastic. Doing some of the old tracks backwards, with traffic and in the new Nazca, with the help of 3DFX was very cool.

It’s here, and if you have a gaming bone in your body, you’re gonna love it! Because of the new engine, which gives a new feel to the game, it also runs slightly slower. Thankfully EA have put in a whole host of graphical bells & whistles to customise. Flat chat in a Mclaren F1 at 346km/h is one of the biggest driving buzzes I have had for some time.

The programmers at EA Canada appear to have taken a genuine interest in the criticisms gamers have levelled at the original. They have a 3D engine, so that you now have a full 360 degree camera, off road access and a tour of the world. And for those of you like me who play using the in-car view, it doesn’t automatically take you outside when you stack.

Of course there is the added element of some new cars.

Full 3D world with 50% more polygon detail.

Fine tune your monster by tweaking gear ratios, fins and even your own paint job!

Seven all new, exotic tracks.

Lots of powersliding!

Linkups. Modem/Serial and split screen on PC and Playstation versions.

Of course there is the same exhaustive info about the cars and their manufacturers.

Check out the stats! Hope everyone is keeping up, otherwise Need for Speed 2 should provide the perfect incentive. : )

P90 (Intel & Cyrix), 16MB RAM, Win 95, Quad Speed CDRom, Hi colour 1 MB graphics card, Min 10MB Hard Drive space.

However to get the most out of it you’ll need a P166.

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