Aug 12 2009

Moto Racer

zorro @ 11:41 pm

Since the rise of the 32-bit console systems, the popularity of racing games has skyrocketed. While most games have focused on cars, developers are now branching out into other areas, putting players into less traditional rides like off-road vehicles and motorcycles. Moto Racer Gold attempts to further refine motorcycle racing while delivering arcade-style thrills that are bigger and better than anything seen on a 32-bit system before.

The bikes in the game are modelled after real-life Kawasaki and KT bikes – each with four different variations that enable the player to tailor a bike’s acceleration, speed, and handling characteristics. All eight courses from the PC version will be featured, in addition to two more tracks exclusive to the PlayStation. The tracks are incredibly diverse, including a snow track, a city track, and a course that runs along the top of the Great Wall of China. A reverse mode (the latest standard in racing games) is also included, effectively doubling the number of available tracks. The game includes three modes of play: practice, for when you’re just messing around; a single race, for a quick run; and the championship, for a long haul. Finally, there’s a multiplayer option that will enable two-player, split-screen racing.

Having played the PC version almost to death, I can safely say that this is the most fun you can have on two wheels. Power sliding around the dirt tracks, or leaping thirty or forty feet into the air with legs flailing is sooo cool.

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