Aug 12 2009

Moon Cresta

zorro @ 11:34 pm

Moo Cresta - in actionAliens are attacking!  So far, so same old.  However the aliens have not worked out any cohesive plan of attack, they simply try and kill you.

Moon Cresta would have been just another shoot-em-up from the 80’s if it weren’t for the docking stage that punctuate the levels.  Join the ships and you have a more powerful weapon to enter the next stage with and believe me, you’re going to need more than your single-shot, pea-shooter to get very far in this game.

Moon Cresta - Flyer - Try www.arcadeflyers for more...Moon Cresta was one of the first multi-level shoot-em-ups and along with Phoenix (from around the same time) still remains a firm favourite of mine.  Introducing power-ups was also a novel idea (the game pre-dates Galaga) and to force you to dock your ships to get the power-up added a novel sub-game to the frenetic blasting.

The opening music is extremely memorable and if you listen very closely during the 80’s vampire movie – The Lost Boys – you can hear the distinctive tune in the background.

Moon Cresta - CabinetMoon Cresta - Title Screen - Spectrum

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