Aug 12 2009

Micro Machines

zorro @ 11:30 pm

Choose your vehicle & go!

27 fantastic circuits, race performance sports cars, power boats, helicopters,
Formula One racing cars, combat tanks, highway warriors, 4 x 4’s, monster trucks and Turbo Wheels.

Superb playability – Absolutely Brilliant!!!


Micro Machines - Megadrive Cover“Arguably the best race game ever written… …Destined to become a classic!” – Sega Pro92%

“A fantastically playable racing game … ” – Mega91%

“Will keep even the most hardcore gamers hooked for hours” – Game Players

“Superb playability” – Mean Machines97%

“Probably the most playable game I’ve ever seen on the Megadrive … ” – Sega Force93%

“One of the best race games” – C&VG Magazine

“Fast, furious, unstoppable racing action …”  – Mega92%

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