Aug 12 2009

Marble Madness

zorro @ 10:18 pm

Marble Madness was a fantastic 1985 arcade game released by Atari and ported to the Amiga. You take control of a marble, racing the clock to get the ball to the goal with the forlorn hope that you will be “charmed” with extra time. Six levels cut across bridges, slopes, stone mazes, and mechanical waves, and obstacles like vacuums, slime-eaters, acid pools and enemy marbles (the Steelie) try to make your spherical life a living hell. When you get to the goal, the time left on the clock is carried over to the next level. If you can get through all six levels with time to spare, you win the game.

I remember going through two mice when playing this game as you tried to get your marble to spin and move against the weird gravity effects by bashing the mouse as fast and hard as you could on the tabletop. You either loved this game or hated it – but the yell “No!!!!!!” was audible in my street when my little marble fell over a cliff only to be given back with that time penalty.

Craig Smith

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