Aug 12 2009

Magic Carpet

zorro @ 10:16 pm

As usual with Bullfrog games, it is the melding of different game styles that makes it so good. Take Descent‘s six degrees of freedom, take Doom’s strafing and monster bodycounts, Populous’ strategy and mingle it all with a little Ramparts and you’ve sort of got it.

Then add a superb graphic engine where the ground deforms when you hit it with fireballs, forests catch alight from stray fire-fights, winged dragons torch castles and through all of this you duck and weave, slowly climbing in power, torching your opponents one by one.

Unfortunately, unlike other companies, Bullfrog likes to chop and change genres, and so there were only the two Magic Carpets, but both were superb.

Magic Carpet 2 - Flying demons firing lightning - very bad

Magic Carpet - Precious ManaTHE BLURB

The release of Magic Carpet created a sensation within the computer games industry. The speed of the flight engine, the exquisite graphics, the no-holds-barred action and the simplicity of the mechanics all added up to create a program which outsold all other titles over the Christmas period in the UK (’94).

Reviews throughout the world were universally ecstatic; to date no publication anywhere in the world has given Magic Carpet a rating of less than 90%. Magic Carpet has been named as the Best Computer Games program of 1994 by specialist magazines in both Europe and the USA.

Released in Oct 1995, Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds used an updated version of the engine from the first game. This allowed for more special effects and some amazing underground sections!Also enhanced were the creatures with the multi-headed hydra nearly stealing the show from the evil demon lord Vissuluth.Magic Carpet 2 fixed many of the criticisms levelled at the first game, such as mid-level saves, more varied graphics and checkpoint-based goals rather than mana acquisition only. However it had half the levels of its predecessor and was rushed to completion by parent publisher, Electronic Arts and was partially responsible for Peter Molyneux’s departure to form Lionhead. Magic Carpet 2 - The Hydra
Magic Carpet 2 - Underground Magic Carpet - Firestorm!

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    How can I purchase Magic Carpet???????????????

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    The best way is to go via Good Old Games –

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