Aug 12 2009

Lotus Turbo Challenge

zorro @ 10:11 pm

This was sprite-based racing at its peak. Fast smooth frame-rates, far horizons, steep hills, good looking cars and a nice difficulty curve.

The only thing lacking in this game was the AI of the opponents who simply moved from one side of the track to the other, but it did mean that they were predictable enough to fly past.

Lotus was the first game I can remember to have an in-car music player, which was selectable at the start of the race. (Although Test Drive might have had this?)

Gremlin and Magnetic Fields went on to produce three more until Gremlin went out with Top Gear on the SNES which spawned a hugely successful franchise. (Top Gear Overdrive & Top Gear Rally)

After producing the Lotus games, Magnetic Fields disappeared and it was not until they joined forces with Europress for Lombard RAC Rally that they had another hit. Their Rally prowess really bloomed with Rally Championship

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