Aug 11 2009


zorro @ 11:36 pm

Donkey Kong didn’t manage to convert me to platform games (although, just like everyone at that time, I fell in love with the Game & Watch version), but when I first played Joust I was hooked.  I still play this game regularly now, and it is one of the best reasons for owning an Atari Lynx.

As you materialised on the screen, so did a host of opponents, pressing the flap button caused you to climb.  All you had to do was collide with the other knights, similarly mounted on the backs of flying ostriches, and make sure you were the highest in the collision.  Do that, and your opponent turned into an egg, touch the egg to finish him off.

It was the flight aspect that got me, while you were frantically flapping around, you also had inertia and weight and so could bounce off things as well as pull off some tricky, skimming manoeuvres.

The mother-ship aspect of Joust was a giant pterodactyl which chased you around the screen.  Kudos too, go to the creator of the hand which snatches flyers from under the lava.

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