Aug 10 2009

It Came From The Desert

zorro @ 12:31 am

One of the biggest proponents of the Amiga as a multimedia machine was Cinemaware. Producing multi-disk interactive movies, they re-wrote the book on the limits of in-game graphics.

Cinemaware’s games tended to be hugely cinematic, with loads of intros combined with a graphic adventure and loads of sub-games hidden within.

Inspired by the 50’s movies (in this case – THEM!) you play the part of the town’s local geologist who checks out a local meteor crash.  Things rapidly go crazy and giant ants start appearing all over the place.  In between the battles with the ants there are various sub-plots and you may find yourself in a knife-fight in the desert, playing chicken on the highway, making deals with a crazy old trapper, falling in love with a local girl, escaping from hospital and even spraying the ants from a plane!  Eventually the army may arrive and then you can really take the fight to these creatures with jets and tanks.  But you must get to the ant’s nest and destroy the queen before midnight, June 15, which leaves you with two weeks to assemble the evidence, convince the mayor of the threat, deal with the local crazies and save the town!

Cinemaware’s games were fully installable on the Amiga’s hard drive (A590) and a good thing too, some of them reached five or six disks!

It Came from the Desert was also released on PC, PC-Engine-CD and a stripped-down travesty was released on Sega’s Megadrive.

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