Aug 09 2009

Green Beret

zorro @ 2:06 pm

The wailing siren at the start of Green Beret still gets me going, while everyone else was playing Commando, I was pumping coins into this machine.  Armed with only a knife, it’s a fairly normal day for a Green Beret as you break in and kill everyone.

Green Beret - Konami - 1985Green Beret was the first occurrence of a flamethrower that I can remember and it was superbly done.  If you timed it right it would go through five or six enemies at once, reducing them to ashy skeletons.  Your Green Beret also had the unique ability (at the time) to be able to attack while lying down.

Mortars, mines, ninja commandos, parachutists and a whole host of conventional bad guys are out to get you.

Renamed to Rush ‘n’ Attack (see what they did there?) for its North American release and converted to almost every system in existence at the time, I spent many hours playing the Commodore 64 & Spectrum versions.

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