Aug 09 2009

Great Giana Sisters

zorro @ 1:59 pm
An interesting game with a chequered history.  Released first on the Commodore 64 to much acclaim it wasn’t long before Nintendo caught a whiff, did a few comparisons and realised that The Great Giana Sisters was in fact a level for level rip-off of Super Mario Bros.  Down came the hammer and off the shelves went the game.  Both the Amiga and Commodore 64 had a very healthy pirate scene and thus a legend was born.

Power-ups, level warps and loads of hidden secrets littered the 34 levels and combined with some hilarious animations the game almost stood on its own…

Since Super Mario Bros was a great game it stands to reason that Giana Sisters would be too and this proved to be the case.  Add a little parallax scrolling, graphic redesign and throw in a female central character and you have what proved to be one of the best platform games ever on the two platforms.

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