Aug 08 2009

Gran Turismo

zorro @ 1:54 am

Gran Turismo kicked off a revolution in console racing games – no longer was technical accuracy the sole domain of Formula 1 games.  Starting the player off with real-life (and attainable) cars was also inspired and made the game accessible to Sony’s target market – casual gamers.  It was a strategy that paid dividends and Gran Turismo became a multi-million seller and contributed much to the success of the Playstation.  The game should also take credit for one of the best implemented career progression modes – a smart combination of required cash and licenses kept players coming back for more.

Original Review – 1997:
Bringing with it the most breathtaking graphics yet, Sony shows that the Playstation is still King of the Hill when it comes to racing games. The most technically accurate racer so far, Gran Turismo will amaze anybody that has ever driven a car by how much it actually feels like one.

No game this, there is a learning curve in trying to hold a car on the track at over 150 mph. With games like Wipeout showing how speed is done, Gran Turismo shows you what it feels like.

With a driving model that makes even PC owners (traditionally the smuggest gaming bunch) green with envy, these cars (and there are 200+ of ’em!) handle exactly like the real thing. They have the same top speeds, the same acceleration curves and even the same suspension.

Add to that the fact that you can buy new components and fit them on your car, which increases the performance – by the same amount as its real life counterparts.

But the icing on the cake is the TV style replays. As close to the real thing as I’ve seen yet (except for the intro).

Basically every car lovers dream. All that is needed is a localised version for each country. (Bathurst for us please with bonus Summernats expansion :)

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