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Flashback Title Pic SNES & Amiga

'In-Engine' cut-scenes - beautiful

First there was Another World, then Delphine hit us again with a brilliant follow-up. Flashback is still the defining moment in 2D Action-Adventures.  A seamless blend of platform action, gunplay and puzzles all melded together with some superb in game cut-scenes.  Delphine had shown us that cut-scenes can be used in the middle of gameplay. Short, four and five second grabs of close ups, rounded out the character of Conrad Hart.

The animation surpassed that of the legendary Prince of Persia, in both variety and rotoscoping technique.  Some of the puzzles were extremely difficult, while others just downright frustrating.  There was a point in the game where you have to go to an employment office and take on odd ‘courier’ jobs around the city.  These culminated in an escort mission, where keeping the hostage out of danger was harder than avoiding it yourself!

From the first level you know you’re in for something different when you find that the only way to get past the guard without him shooting you first is to pick up a stone and throw it behind him.  He turns, you roll off the platform and pistol-whip him in the back of the head.  Very cool.

The game was extremely successful for Delphine and was converted to many formats including the Megadrive / Genesis, Super Nintendo and even onto the new CD-based machines such as the 3DO and Phillips’ CD-i.  Delphine went on to make a sequel – Fade to Black and a few other great games like the Moto Racer series but unfortunately went bankrupt in 2004.

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