Aug 06 2009

FIFA International Soccer

zorro @ 10:30 pm

Sure soccer games had been done before, Sensible Soccer on the Amiga and World Cup Italia 90 at the arcade were big hits as was Microprose Soccer in the 80’s but it was the release of FIFA International Soccer that really kicked it into high gear.  Official sponsorships, real players, great animation, a slick interface and the sound of the crowd!

It had its flaws, as in many sports games there was a sweet spot to shoot from but it was very playable especially in two-player. At the time many people thought Electronic Arts had made a mistake.  Its EA Sports brand was all a bit overly keen.  Those people had to eat their words as FIFA Intl Soccer went on to become a runaway best-seller and would remain the definitive soccer game until Konami knocked it from its lofty perch with International Superstar Soccer on Nintendo 64 and Playstation some six years later.

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