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Dungeon Keeper

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Dungeon Keeper - CoverAfter three long years of development, Dungeon Keeper was released in June 1997.  Peter Molyneux, never one to shy away from a press opportunity, had been delivering interviews to the gaming press, particularly in the UK, resulting in many previews and features.

This turned out to be Peter Molyneux’s swansong game for Electronic Arts recently-purchased Bullfrog and he believed it to be his best and most ambitious creation to date.  Certainly since Dungeon Keeper, Molyneux’s efforts with Lionhead have been impressive (Black & White) but have lacked the flair of this title.

The bestiary deserves some mention too.  Varied and inventive it is not only a pretty comprehensive list – from sorcerers and dragons to trolls and dark mistresses – but the creatures also fight among themselves.  Keep flies away from spiders and sorcerers away from vampires but most of all keep Horny, the reaper, away from everyone except your enemies!

Dunegon Keeper - level select with hilarious voice-overThere are many ways to reward and punish your creatures.  Try and remember that by and large, evil creatures are lazy.  Remind them that you are watching by smacking them occasionally (or often, as you wish), if that fails perhaps sprinkle a little gold over them and if that fails to do the trick, drop them in the torture chamber for a little re-education.  If all else fails you can always offer their souls to the gods in the Temple’s sacrifice pool!

Your creatures need paying though and it’s this aspect of Dungeon Keeper that keeps Dungeon Keepers on their toes.  There’s very little more frustrating than having your creatures bugger off in the middle of a battle because their pay-check bounced.

Dunegon Keeper - level select with hilarious voice-over Dungeon Keeper - A Training Room

In Nov ’97 an add-on disk – Deeper Dungeons was released with 30 new single-player maps and loads more multi-player ones.  Dungeon Keeper Gold, which combined the original game and the expansion was released in Mar 98, this pack also contained a level editor, windows themes and support for 3D acceleration.

Originally posted 1997 – The most eagerly-awaited game since chess, Dungeon Keeper boasts graphics, gameplay and depth to die for.

You have control of a series of evil underground domains, and you must defeat enemy keepers and destroy the forces of goodness which try to breach your walls. It’s your job to deal with your forces as you see fit. Give them too much leeway and they’ll demand more gold and become lazy. Treat them too harshly and they could turn against you. It’s the ultimate in management conundrums. Amass an army and build rooms in which to house, train, recruit and improve your legions. It’s a race against time, though, as your foe is somewhere out there in the darkness, doing exactly the same. And when the time comes, the battle will shake the very living rock.

You’re the bad guy — Don’t get mad, get evil.

  • Strategy and first-person combat in the same game — build your own underground world and enter battles yourself as any one of your creatures

  • Multiple gaming perspectives — you can have control of any character from a first-person viewpoint.

  • Network and modem multi-player — up to 4 Dungeon Keepers fight for control

  • True light-sourcing with real-time shadow effects

  • Torture chambers — discipline your minions and keep them fed

  • 16 spells to research, master and cast

  • 360° rotating, 3-D world

Dungeon Keeper - the cast

” Dungeon Keeper is nothing short of brilliant, and whatever your fave game type, you will love, worship and possibly become Dungeon Keeper.”

“Dungeon Keeper is faultless, gripping and it will destroy your social life for the foreseeable future.  It rocks, it rolls and it rules. Just buy it and embrace the dark side, all right?”

94% PC Format July 97
(Gold Award)

“Dungeon Keeper is a game of continual discovery and hitherto,
unprecedented depth. Technically stunning, visually storming,
and hopelessly addictive. “

96% PC Zone July 97

“A stunning achievement. Amazing depth, incredible
balance and Broadway quality drama to get here.”

95% PC Gamer June 97

“Molyneux has created a masterpiece that again epitomises everything
that’s good about computer gaming rather than console gaming.”

9/10 Edge June 97

Tips & Strategies:

Dungeon Keeper Hints Guide – by Edwin

Temple Sacrifice Guide
Sacrifice Result
Beetle + Spider Receive a Dark Mistress.
2 Beetles Automatically completes whatever is currently being built.
Bile Demon + Dark Mistress + Troll Receive a Horned Reaper.
2 Bile Demons Turns your monsters into chickens.
Chickens Makes gods angry.
2 Flies Automatically completes whatever is currently being researched.
Fly + Spider Receive a Warlock.
Ghost Kills all of your chickens.
Horned Reaper Makes all of your monsters angry.
Imps Reduces the cost to create more Imps.
3 Spiders Receive a Bile Demon.
Undead Makes gods angry.
Vampires All of your monsters will be diseased.

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