Aug 06 2009

Duke Nukem 3D

zorro @ 1:36 pm

It’s time to put Doom away. Duke Nukem 3D is the Doom killer that every man and his software publisher has been after since Doom first stomped onto the world’s computer screens. Better graphics, better engine, funnier, and the same blast-a-rama gameplay that made Doom so much fun in the first place.

One of the best things about Duke Nukem 3D is that it takes place right here on Earth. Battle your way through the streets of Los Angeles, a toxic waste dump, football stadium, tube stations and even across the San Andreas Fault. “I ain’t afraid of no Quake

Seems the programmers at 3D Realms had their tongues stuck firmly inside their cheeks when they designed this game. You’ll find aliens taking a dump, pool tables you can play, O.J. Simpson’s car chase on the TV, dead Doom marines, and a whole heap more. There seems to be some new trick around every corner.

Even the weapons are designed to keep you smilin’ while you’re fraggin’. There’s the shrink ray, the pipe bomb and the freeze-thrower. All good for a laugh. Mind you there are some truly satisfying moments when you set up a nice and complex spider web of laser trip wires and someone foolish walks into the middle of them.

  • 10 hi-tech weapons

  • Mirrors with reflections of players in multiplay mode, remote control cameras where you can track movement of your opponents.

  • Fully working light switches, earthquakes, shattering windows, and realistic bullet holes.

  • Full movement control – run, jump, crawl, swim and jetpack

  • Underwater combat

  • Build 3D® engine technology

  • Network support for up to 8 players

  • New objects and 3D textures

  • Up to 800×600 graphics resolution SVGA support

System Specs:

Minimum Configuration:
486, MS-DOS 5.0+, 8MB RAM, 25MB free HD space, CD-ROM drive, VGA Capability.
Recommended Configuration:
486DX2/66 (Pentium required for SVGA modes)
16MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, VGA VLB video, 25MB free HD space,
Sound cards – Sound Blaster & compatibles, and Gravis Ultrasound soundcards.
Controller – Mouse, joystick & gamepads, along with rudders, throttles, and just about any other control device out there.

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