Aug 06 2009

Defender of the Crown

zorro @ 9:48 am

Ah, Cinemaware.  This is the game that I saw in the window of my local computer shop.  I would stop and stare at the ‘photo-realistic’ graphics, drool at the amazing graphics display (“1000’s of colours” said the brochure next to the Amiga).

I was in love.

The game is mainly a good tactical strategy game set in the Robin Hood era.  There is a good bit of arcade action in there as well with jousting and sword fighting.  You can raise armies, siege castles and make alliances.  If you’re running a little short of cash, why not sneak in to your neighbours castle and steal his gold to finance your campaign?

At the beginning of the jousting match you can choose Fame or Lands – the equivalent of pink slips – simply pick a territory you’re not so fond of and gamble it away on the end of a lance.

A great game and one of the last of it’s kind, the strategy game today is far too ‘serious’ a genre to add arcade sections in, but perhaps we’ll see a return to those days of yore.

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