Aug 05 2009

Daytona USA

zorro @ 11:37 pm

When Daytona was released in Australia I was friendly with a local arcade operator and he invited me to join him for a special preview of Daytona on-site in Sydney.  At first I was quite dismissive, finding it hard to believe that anything could beat the arcade Ridge Racer.

When we arrived on George Street, Sydney, Daytona was the game in the entrance and the crowds were out into the street.  We introduced ourselves to the arcade owner who looked like he was in heaven!  There were so many people with money down that it required management intervention to get me a go.

It was a single-player cabinet and I sat in the bucket seat, inserted my credit and as I had been watching for a while I went straight to the Intermediate track, which looked to be far more of a thrilling experience.

The sound came booming from the speakers, drowning the sound of the crowd standing watching.  Needless to say I was most impressed.  The draw distance was fantastic – the cliffs towered above you and coming back downt the hill, you could see the other cars half a mile ahead!  The force-feedback on the steering was a bit distracting at first, but I soon got used to it, wrestling with the wheel as I flew into a corner way too fast just added to the immersion.  The seat shifted and rumbled as the car twitched and skidded and I saw a few people move back a little, lest they get caught in the hydraulics :)

Almost everyone has played Daytona and it can still be found in the arcades that still remain, in fact it is the highest grossing sit-down arcade title of all time.  It came as a single, two, four and eight player cabinet and playing with seven friends is a great experience.  It does get kinda personal though 😉

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