Aug 05 2009

Crash Bandicoot

zorro @ 11:31 pm

Crash symbolised the beginning of the first attempt at Playstation ‘branding’. Naughty Dog succeeded in making an excellent and varied platformer, and were largely responsible for bringing the Playstation to the attention of so many families!

  • Brought to you by the talented folks at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Universal Interactive Studios and Naughty Dog, Inc.
  • Delivering a truly revolutionary platform game experience exclusively for the PlayStation game console.
  • Over 300 MB of solid gameplay!
  • Huge levels plus hidden bonus levels.
  • ALL the classic features of a character-based action game combined with solid controls.
  • Enormous levels, unbelievable graphic detail, incredible music and sound FX and flooded with obstacles which means it’s good looking with great sound and packed full of solid gameplay!
  • Travel in real time across all-new 3D worlds in over 30 levels of intriguing gameplay with thousands of frames of animation!
  • PLUS, hidden bonus levels, secret pathways and shortcuts, moving platforms and fiendish traps makes this the “must-have” game of the year!
  • Interact with hilarious, fully rendered 3D cartoon-animated characters.
  • Special FX created by film/movie professionals.
  • Experience the sensation of a fully animated cartoon world come to life!

The best looking platform game I’ve ever seen…”DieHard GameFan

“From the moment you see or play the game, you know that you want to be in Crash’s world.”PS Extreme

“Crash Bandicoot offers hours of pure fun, with classic platform gameplay in a stunning 3D environment”Electronic Gaming Monthly

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