Aug 05 2009

Command & Conquer

zorro @ 9:14 pm

Command & Conquer was voted Game of The Year by a number of prestigious print & internet magazines. Combining strategy, multiplayer features and real-time was an ambitious move on Westwood’s part but it paid off handsomely.

An easy interface and simple play mechanics made it attractive to the likes-to-play-with-soldiers type as well as having enough depth and mission variety to entertain even the most jaded armchair general.

It wasn’t long before it had a map editor available and then the game started to really take off on the net. One of the best games around for modem duelling had made its mark.

Rocketing to number 1 in the CGW charts from November 95 through till March 96, C&C received a shot in the arm with the release of its add on CD from Westwood, with more cut scenes and new scenarios. Following theĀ Syndicate path of making them incredibly difficult.

5 new hardcore missionsĀ (7 GDI, 8 Nod)

10 multiplayer maps.

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