Aug 05 2009

Civilization 1 & 2

zorro @ 8:36 pm
Civilization is to strategy games what Doom is to 3D Blasters. Civilization is the benchmark title in its genre. Few titles have commanded the sort of respect (and sales) that Civilization has. Formerly most software was designed to be quick, easy and accessible, but Sid Meier added a depth of play that could only be experienced at the higher levels. Civ shows that if you put depth and buried strategy into your game, people will continue to buy it long after the gaming press has forgotten about it.

This version of Civilization improved gameplay with more technology, units and Wonders of the World; a better trade route system; and an expanded diplomatic system. “We have added a sixth level of difficulty—the divinity level—because many Civilization fans kept writing me letters stating they love the game but want something more challenging than emperor level,” said Sid Meier, creator of Civilization

As in the original Civilization, players control a civilization empire from the founding of the first cities to the space age. By managing economic growth, advancement of technology, political and social policy, and military force, users strive to be the first to reach space or to conquer the world.

  • Civilization II builds on the original Civilization.
  • Civilization II players will experience greater challenges with the new enhancements.
  • An improved diplomatic system features cooperative alliances, territorial boundaries, cease-fire agreements and personal reputation.
  • A much updated combat system includes fire-power levels, port facilities and airports. An enhanced multimedia version of the Civilization encyclopaedia gives users a quick and easy reference that is fun.
  • Some new Wonders of the World are Leonardo’s Workshop, Sun Tzu’s War Academy and Marco Polo’s Embassy.
  • New military units include elephants, paratroopers, engineers, crusaders, spies and helicopters, to name a few.
  • A new map editor and preset scenarios, including World War II and Alexander the Great, give players more customisation options.
  • High-resolution graphics, a more realistic “isometric” view, and new map and icon designs give Civilization II a brand-new look.

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