Aug 05 2009


zorro @ 7:39 pm

Flushed with the success of Speedball and Xenon 2, the Bitmap Brothers turned their hand to the role-playing genre. This being the Bitmaps, the game was more an isometric puzzle game, reminiscent of the Ultimate / Rare Spectrum classic, Knight Lore.

The central character is Karadoc the Dwarf and you must guide him through the multiple levels of Castle Wulf to find and kill the evil necromancer Dianos. For the time the interaction with the world around you was quite extraordinary, any object that could be picked up (which was quite a few) could also be used, inserted, dragged, eaten, pushed, thrown and climbed upon.

The isometric viewpoint made some of the trickier traps difficult to negotiate, especially as the movement was joystick-based. The icon-interface was accessed through the keyboard which added some depth but also some unnecessary complexity.

The Bitmap’s trademark graphical sheen was present throughout, everything looked very organic and smooth. Though the gameplay was somewhat derivative, the polish was enough to make this game stand as a classic in its own right.

Converted to Atari ST, PC and even the Archimedes, Cadaver was followed up with a four-level expansion disk called The Payoff in 1991.

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